All India Viti-Dandu (Gilli-Danda) Association

विट्टी दांडू

Indian Traditional Game
Viti-Dandu (Gilli-Danda)/ Tip Cat


    “Vitti Dandu” is known by various names all over India. this ancient game has a historical background, Vitti Dandu game Yadav edge. Lord Krishna Would play with his maids.

   We come to know if we study Mahabharat thoroughly. The journey of the game from Gokul, today Lord Krishna would get Joy playing this game with his playmates. Vitti Dandu game known as various names in village states and all over India but Vitti Dandu name is Marathi name.

   Vitti Dandu is a very popular game in especially India, young one’s old ones played it, play and will play while childhood memories. enthusiastically intelligent quotes Vitti Dandu proudly