How to Play Viti-Dandu (Gilli-Danda) / Tip Cat Game


  • It is a team game, each team fifteen players having 9 playings and six reserved.
  • Viti-Dandu is played in the 60/52 conical ground as   per the 1,2,3,4 fields sector of 8m, 10m, 15m, 18m   on the curve
  • A Tossed winner team decided Kolli or Fielding
  • Kolli player scoops Viti in the conical ground by placing it in the gully
  • Conical ground field by fielder Sector first no fielder only kolli player filed, the Second sector filed two players, Third Sector three players filed, and Forth sector Four
  • If a kolli player sector 2nd Crosse qualifying line  he  is giving hitting chance
  • Filed player filed sector 2,3,4 and throw Viti to the gully   box
  • If touch the Viti gully box kolli player out and next  player   play
  • Player has been qualifying, he plays Viti hits and giving   more  point as 5,7,10, out of sector 12
  • If fielder throw Viti outside gully area than kolli player giving free hit
  • Points :- Sector:- 2nd – 5 pointsSector:- 3rd  _ 7 PointsSector:- 4th  _ 10 PointsOut of Sector _ 12 Points
  • The last sector throw Viti and play agene
  • The team more than collect point and win the match


Role of Kolli

  • Toss winner kolli scores more by scoping Viti in to 2,3,4 areas and score more
  • This action continues unit koli gets out by catch, or by hitting Viti to dandu throwing Viti in a gulli box
  • If scooped viti goes beyond triangle ( quilting sector ) , he get three chance
  • If a kolli breaks Viti or dandu he gets another chance but not score point and koli change viti-dandu umpire   permission
  • Koli scooping after standing near gulli box and hit Viti
  • Kolli player gets more point


Role of Fielders

Total 15 players playing only 9 players filed in the ground.

  • Fielder field in sector tow in 2 players field.
  • Fielder field in sector three 3 players field.
  • Fielder field in sector four 4 players field.
  • The area fielder (2,3,4) field only in there areas and field.
  • They don`t try to catch by crossing our touching a semi-circle line.
  • Only one player from each area will throw Viti.


Viti-Dandu (Gilli-Dandu) Score Card


  Figure Viti-Dandu (Gilli-Danda) Ground Measurements


Viti-Dandu (Gilli-Dandu) Kolli player points   sign



Role of Koli Player

  • Koli Umpire stands in a Umpire box
  • He vertices whether Viti hits the dandu or not
  • He gives `Out or not` out when a fielder appeals to him
  • Miss scooping is given `out`
  • He shows score by using his finger when Viti goes into 2,3,4
  • Any misbehavior anti-gaming behavior abusing sledging quarreling and there anteing are strongly controlled by using red or yellow he can drive any player out of the ground he goes out of control